carl fairchild never planned to settle down. destined to take over the family business, life as a bachelor had its perks. the less responsibility outside of work, the better, and it wasn't until he met christine grey that he found himself turning over a new leaf. before he knew it, he was buying a ring and planning for a new baby. his old air force buddies teased him for being wrapped around christine's finger, but the two were hopelessly in love and felt like they had the world at their fingertips.

not long after getting married, the two lovebirds settled in carl's hometown of boston and welcomed their first child. he was ecstatic to have an heir to the throne, already planning to pass the business onto his firstborn. before they knew it, there was another fairchild on the way and caroline was welcomed into the world in march of '86.

from an early age, caroline fairchild felt immense pressure to succeed. born into a family full of wealth and success meant she had huge shoes to fill. while most children with silver spoons shoved into their mouths might've had it easy, having successful parents and an older brother who could do no wrong meant caroline was constantly overwhelmed by the thought of failure. in school, she was a bright student who maintained excellent grades and earned praise from her teachers for being so polished and well behaved. of course she was slightly more interested in her field hockey team than scholarly pursuits, but she was a fairchild and getting anything less than a+ was unheard of.

even though they were two years apart, caroline was always in competition with her brother. he was the apple of their father's eye and no matter how well she did in school or in one of her many extra curricular activities, she was destined to remain in charlie's shadow.

feeling like the redheaded stepchild might've been slightly over dramatic, but it only worsened when charlie graduated from brown university and finally took his seat next to their father at fairchild flight. caroline's accomplishments seemingly passed with little to no fanfare, even when she graduated college and went onto obtain her master's in business. of course she still ended up following charlie into the family business, despite feeling less than passionate about her current endeavors.

in the spring of 2014, things would take a turn for the worse. one might've expected carl fairchild would go out with a bang. the larger than life personality was known for piloting his own planes or going off on dangerous excursions, but it was a freak and sudden heart attack that would end his life.

unfortunately, his death only proved to make caroline and charlie's relationship more complicated. after one particularly nasty blow out, they've only managed to maintain a professional relationship. while working alongside her brother has proved to be difficult, caroline's intensity towards her work has helped to keep her mind off of their dysfunctional family dynamic.

nowadays, she finds herself surrounded by work, work, and more work. despite knowing deep down that she's not doing what makes her happy, caroline can't quite bring herself to move on. whether it's because she's afraid of failure or disappointing her parents remains to be seen, but there's no telling what her next move will be.
  cv tie-ins & misc.
Δ parents are both named carl and christine.

Δ family owns a business in the aircraft industry.

Δ took flying lessons with her father.

Δ work oriented and takes her job very seriously.

Δ fascinated with the idea of love. has a jealous streak.

 family information
birth parents: carl fairchild (deceased, former ceo of fairchild flight corporation) & christine fairchild.
siblings: charles "charlie" fairchild (brother, current ceo of fairchild flight corporation).

  likes & dislikes
coming soon.
  basic information full name: caroline christine fairchild.
alias: carol ferris/star sapphire.
age & birthdate: 29 & march 19, 1986.
hometown: boston, ma.
residence: boston, ma.
relationship status: single.
sexual orientation: heterosexual.
occupation: marketing executive at fairchild flight corporation.
  random facts
Δ has a dog named kevin that she treats like a human child.

Δ self professed workaholic and takes her job very seriously. tends to work long hours and is a bit of a perfectionist. however, her current position generally gives her mild anxiety at all times but manages to maintain a cool facade on the outside. only reveals her neurotic side to those who knows her best.

Δ despite having a pretty hefty bank account, she's relatively frugal. except when it comes to clothes and shoes. and makeup. and getting her hair done. but she does live in a normal sized apartment.
  out of character played by: emmy rossum.
journal: ~recharge.
timezone: eastern.
style: third person, storybook, past tense.
credit: coded by ~allona and ~celany.